Welcome to the Terra Nova Exchange!

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Welcome to the Terra Nova Exchange - we are so happy to have you here!

Thank you for taking the time to consider what action you can take for our earth.  It is such a critical time and we are excited that you have come here to find out more about how you can best contribute.

The Exchange is here to help you make the best contribution you can for our planet.  We are just at the beginning but there is much more to come – so join us to take the action that makes the change.

“We want people to take meaningful action – to connect, to get to the root cause of our environmental issues, and make change for our long term future.”

To help your experience this is how the Exchange works…

Core Content

We provide core content under ‘How to live’, ‘How to work’ and ‘How to Give’ to help you start your journey for action from a meaningful place. It is not easy trying to work out what is actually helpful and effective – there is so much noise out there about so many possibilities and opportunities but much of this is a distraction.  Our time is so precious, we want to make sure you can get to the critical issues quickly and be inspired to take action that is effective.

Insight and Deep Dives

We will upload insight and deep dives into core topics e.g. food, clothing, investing, business action, so you can make informed choices.  This will include interviews, exemplar action, articles and links.  Content will be uploaded regularly and will focus on the topics that matter i.e. critical to bringing about change.

Keep you in the Know!

Simply subscribe and we will let you know when the latest content is uploaded.  We will send out a newsletter once a month to inform you of the latest articles, insight, interviews, links and more to help you take action.  If you’d like to do more than just subscribing or want to get involved with a specific topic, please do get in contact or check out our ‘Support Us’ page as this is where we do specific calls for action under different topics.

We would love to hear from you too! 

If you would like to know about something specific or advice on what action to take do get in contact – we’ll feed that into our insight and deep dive content schedule.

Also, if you know of an individual, group or organisation that is doing great work please do let us know – they might be ideal for an interview or exemplar action piece.

Lastly, please give us feedback – we’d like to know what is helpful and what isn’t so we can get a good understanding of where everyone is coming from.  We want to make the Exchange relevant to as many people as possible so all ideas and constructive feedback is welcomed 🙂

Thank you again for visiting us – we are so warmed by the fact you want to take action for our planet.

Explore the site, get in touch and go for it!  Get started with your action for this earth today!

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