Terra Nova Exchange

Terra Nova Exchange

From doom & gloom greenwash to action for change

There is a growing influx of environmental information on the demise of this planet, which isn’t getting to the root of the problem – and in many instances taking us a long way from reality. And even when there are ideas for action they are often superficial, not even hitting the surface of what is required, and nowhere near tackling the cause. It can leave the reader with a feeling of utter hopelessness. 

We wanted to address this by getting behind the issues and identifying what will actually cause change i.e. our behaviour and the action we take.

The Terra Nova Exchange was born – the place to understand the key issues and take action that is truly meaningful. With the help of incredible people giving huge amounts of their time – giving up weekends, evenings and more, and a small funder willing to take a risk we now have the Exchange live!

We have the most amazing people and their organisations ready to help us tell the story of what it takes to do environmental change. Help us tell the story. Support us to get the stories out there.

What’s Next?

We have coming – interviews, in-depth articles, opportunities to take action, support for taking that action.  Insight, facts, exemplars, people, projects, places and more – to inspire, enable informed choice, and to take the best action.

We are writing, curating and developing content all the time. It is a collective project that so far has involved over 50 people giving their time, writings, interviews, links, images, videos.  It is no small task to pull it all together to make it easy for people to navigate in a helpful way.

We need support to bring it all together and make it live though. Like any charitable organisation not only do we have to do the work, we have to find people and businesses that can support us and give donations to make it happen.

Please get in touch if you can help – with environmental projects being the least popular for donations, we love people that are willing to buck the trend and back our planetary action!

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