Business Environmental Workshops

Business Environmental Workshop

How aligned are you with the planet?

Our business workshops take you on a journey of genuine alignment with the planet – identifying where to place your priorities to maximise the difference made, how to comply with relevant regulations, and where you need to go to be a truly sustainable business.

Businesses are a reflection of its people.  How a business interacts with this earth are determined by the values of its people.  It is easy to talk about environmental problems, efficiencies and targets, however, it is much harder to go deeper, to ask the questions you that are critical to you, your business and your planet’s survival.

In this workshop we will help you to identify the most meaningful, practical, and pragmatic ways to take step change.  Going far beyond fancy comms and convincing marketing, and putting ESG and climate resilience in perspective – these workshops provide a gateway to future thriving business – aligned with you and this earth.

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Workshop dates for March – May 2023 are coming shortly – please drop us an email to be notified.

If you would like to have a bespoke business workshop, tailored to your needs, please get in contact.

Workshops are 3.5 hrs long and cost NZ$300 and include a follow-up support session to help transition the steps identified in the workshop into practice.

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