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Terra Nova Foundation

Making an impact, taking action

Mother Earth is calling, and everyone needs to take action.

Climate change, mass pollution of air, land and sea, exploitation of resources, loss of biodiversity – these are all issues that require action now. Yet it can be overwhelming – paralysing even – to work out how to respond, who to support. So that’s where we come in.

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A not-for-profit driving change.

We’re on a mission to help change damaging everyday behaviours and to redress, restore, protect and nurture our earth. We think critically and urgently; it’s important to focus on what creates genuine change for our planet and as swiftly as possible.

We exist to support your personal journey alongside ours; to help you identify the right (impactful) actions, demystify the climate science so you can act knowledgeably and consciously, and we deliver the projects that are sharply focussed on creating real change.

We underpin our work with genuine connection – human, cultural, spiritual + mother earth. It can’t be any other way. We are totally committed to driving change from the earth, with the earth, for the earth.

This is what planetary change is about – knowing who we are, with our feet firmly on the ground, connected – making decisions and taking action from this position every day.

Join us.

How we bring about change

We are focussed on what makes the difference; the real catalysts for change. We don't muck around - there is no time to do so and we value every dollar we get. We work hard, we get stuff done and we value the support of every single person that helps us get there.
Terra Nova

Individual Action

We mobilise action - ensuring individuals significantly reduce their consumption + reconnect day-to-day.
We do this by cutting to the chase on what works - independent information and expert insight into how to live, work and give in alignment with the earth.
And we run workshops and events to engage people in action.

Terra Nova

Fit for Earth Business

We propel businesses forward - ensuring they are fit to operate on this earth.
Value-based, planet-aligned business practice that ensures that not only do ecosystems flourish, their business does too.
We run workshops to help determine the best ways forward - a self-assessment for future survival.
We carry out individual business reviews to identify how your business can thrive.
And we set out what it takes to become a genuine earth business from where you are now.

Terra Nova

Collective Change

We are driving a large-scale transformation of a region in Aotearoa New Zealand.
This includes building impact capability and consciousness of individuals, businesses and government agencies.
We lead cross-sector and cross-industry task forces - bringing together environment-led thinking and action.
And we carry out targeted catalyst projects that restore and enable access to nature.

graphic accountability

We’re big on measuring our impact

In fact, we’re specialists in this area. We take great care and carry out rigorous reviews to ensure that change is happening and measurable. We help our partners and other environmental organisations to do the same. This approach is super important to the work we do – we all need to be accountable to the difference we say we make.

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Meet our team
Geneva Pritchard
Geneva Pritchard

Leader in international philanthropy and the driving force at Move92, a direct to local leader, trust-based philanthropic foundation supporting work across multiple countries.

As a philanthropy advisor, Geneva puts relationship building at the forefront of her work, with the aim of curating relationships between openhearted philanthropists and dynamic local leaders in all corners of the world.

Relationship-building is at the centre of everything Geneva does. Her devotion to connecting real people to real solutions has been the heartbeat of her work for her entire career.

Having worked for large NGOs and grassroots organizations for nearly 20 years, Geneva knows the subtle landscapes of both.

Her broad experience includes being involved in water and sanitation programs with CARE International in Nicaragua, drug-resistant malaria solutions among migrant communities, vocational incentive projects for people living with HIV, innovative education systems for mobile populations on the Thailand/Myanmar border, and diabetic retinopathy among marginalized populations with The Fred Hollows Foundation in Nepal and the Pacific Islands.

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Anake Goodall
Anake Goodall

An innovator in the truest sense of the word, Anake has been behind numerous ground-breaking social and environmental initiatives in Aotearoa New Zealand and across the globe.

He is a supporter of re-localisation initiatives, and those that support the reclamation of personal agency and responsibility, those that celebrate human expression, and those that are exploring integrative solutions to our relationships with ourselves and each other, the commons and this earth.

In addition to chairing the Terra Nova Foundation, Anake is founder and chair of Seed The Change | He Kākano Hāpai, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Canterbury's Ngāi Tahu Research Centre, Adviser to the Crypto Launchpad and Trustee at The Gift Trust.

Anake's past roles have included: Director of Meridian Energy, Trustee on the establishment boards of Tē Pā o Rākaihautū and the Environmental Protection Authority, Co-founder and Chair of the Hillary Institute of International Leadership and Chair of the Ākina Foundation, CEO of Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, and Ngāi Tahu’s Claims Manager during its Treaty settlement process.

Anake is particularly interested in the use of financial capital, philanthropic networks, and hands-on support to establish regenerative community initiatives that contribute to the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

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Jenn Chowaniec
Jenn Chowaniec

An astute social and environmental activator, Jenn leads on transformational initiatives for local communities. An expert in governance, community action and strategic collaborations, Jenn brings together leaders from a range of sectors - philanthropic, business, not-for-profits and communities to achieve change.

She also leads the Wayne Francis Charitable Trust, is the co-Chair of the Rod Donald Trust, the Deputy Chair of Kilmarnock Enterprises Ltd and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors.

Previously a lawyer in both Scotland and Aotearoa New Zealand, Jenn describes herself as a ‘reluctant lawyer’ believing the law can be a useful tool or provide some structure in thinking about justice and equity issues.

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Rose Challies
Rose Challies

For 20 years Rose worked in Europe addressing a range of complex social and environmental issues, working with governments, large funders, NGOs, not-for-profit organisations and businesses across multiple countries. She returned to Aotearoa New Zealand in 2019, became a NEXT Foundation Fellow and now runs the Terra Nova Foundation, a new force for environmental action and change catalyst for people and planet.

Rose has implemented social and environmental change through development of national policy, laws and standards, cross-sector strategies and practice, large scale collaborations and the effective resourcing of these for both social and environmental issues. Areas of impact include environment, protection of children, equity, diversity, human rights, anti-doping, data protection, anti-human trafficking, community-owned business, strategic philanthropy and impact measurement.

She has also advised Boards, political leaders, nonprofit leaders and philanthropists internationally on how to achieve change and measure impact.

It is her great hope that we, collectively, will redress what has been done and go forth with far more insight and wisdom than we have in recent times. Where people will gain true meaning in their life, value those around them and positively contribute to the extraordinary world we live in.

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Susan Wills
Susan Wills
Content and Grants Consultant
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Olivier Oh jpg
Olivier Oh
Projects + Systems Manager
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Sarah Evans jpg
Sarah Evans
Digital Advisor
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