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Generating wisdom, activating change

Global think tank + change activator

Earth + Wisdom

We provide individuals, businesses and governments with wisdom and insight into how to achieve critical change for our planet. Speak to us for advisory options or if you’d like to be involved in our Global Earth Leaders group.

Earth + Collective Change

We are driving a large-scale environment-led transformation of the Waitaha/Canterbury region in Aotearoa New Zealand.  See GŌ Waitaha below.

Earth + Business

We work with Boards, Executive Teams and Business Managers around the world to transition a business to an earth first approach and to take the lead in future markets.  See our Earth+ Business Audits and gain recognition for your action with our Earth+ accreditation.

Earth + Individual Action

We help individuals take meaningful action day-to-day at home and at work. See Earth Talks podcast, EcoFit!, the eco action book and Te Ao Earth Week below.

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