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Generating wisdom, activating change

Global think tank + change activator

Wisdom + Insight

We work with individuals, businesses and governments to provide wisdom and insight into how to achieve change.  Local and global contexts are incredibly dynamic, our needs (people + planet) are increasing and we are less connected to the wisdom required to make the profound choices needed going forward.  We bring together people with genuine wisdom and world class expertise to identify the root cause, the catalysts for change and the most effective ways to implement them.  We work holistically and with purpose so that our think tank goes well beyond numbers and current paradigms.

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Individual Action

We work with individuals to find their best contribution by helping to identify the experience, capabilities + capacity that they can bring and setting out the pathways that leverage this potential. Each person is unique and so will their contribution be to earth.  We’ve helped people to leverage their digital expertise, their passion for change, their resources, their influence, their storytelling – it is limitless and amazing what people can offer and we enjoy helping you on that journey. Get in contact to take steps to maximise your personal impact and show how change can happen.

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Earth+ (positive) Business

We work with Boards, Executive Teams and Business Leads around the world to transition a business from extract or sustain to regenerate.  Work with us to become earth+ with your business and see the benefits to you, your people + your bottomline.

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Collective Change

We are driving a large-scale environment-led transformation of the Waitaha/Canterbury region in Aotearoa New Zealand. Get in touch to join the action or support those taking critical action for our world communities.

See our GŌ Waitaha project below.

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