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Generating wisdom, activating change

Global think tank + change activator

Earth + Wisdom

We provide individuals, businesses and governments with wisdom and insight into how to achieve critical change for our planet. Speak to us for advisory options.

Earth + Individual Action

We help individuals take meaningful action day-to-day at home and at work. See the Eco Action Book, Earth Talks podcast, EcoFit! and Te Ao Earth Week below.

Earth + Business

We work with Boards, Executive Teams and Business Managers around the world to transition a business to an earth first approach and to take the lead in future markets.  See our Earth+ Business Audits and Planning, and watch for our upcoming value-based Earth+ accreditation.

Earth + Collective Change

We are driving a large-scale environment-led transformation of the Waitaha/Canterbury region in Aotearoa New Zealand.  See GŌ Waitaha below.

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