Take action

Knowing the best action to take

What should I do?  What can be done?  What will be effective?  Finding these answers isn’t always straightforward.

Taking effective action is about recognising what you can do best + what will work.  We aren’t all equipped to be frontline climate change activists, but each of us has a worthy contribution to make, be it action, finance, or conversation.

Across the Terra Nova Exchange we’ll help you with information, insight and wisdom – support to understand what part you can play, the effective changes you can make, and how to put them into action.

Together we can do this.


He kai kei aku ringa 

Whakataukī (Māori proverb):  There is food at the end of my hands. 
Meaning: use the skills and resources you have to create success.

Take a deep breath and start here...

To truly contribute to our planet there are important questions we must ask. We know it's tempting to skip to easy, feel-good, quick-fix actions but, unfortunately, that won't create the change we need for us and our planet.
We must be honest and ask ourselves truthfully...
Take Action No

Am I part of the problem?

It is 99% likely the answer is yes – and it's very important that we can admit it so that we take responsibility.

Claiming others are doing more harm than ourselves isn't helpful. If our starting point is blame, we won't get to where we need to go.

Own up to being part of the problem and set an example; that way your action will be so much more powerful.


What is your commitment?

Anything is possible when we truly commit to making a difference.

It can be easy to get sucked into doing things for our environment that sound great but are quite superficial. And that energy could be more effective directed elsewhere.

Everyone is unique, so your commitment, your contribution, will be best if it reflects you, your strengths, your capacity, your opportunities.

Take steps to reduce and reconnect - as an individual, at your business or in the community. Make a commitment now to take meaningful action for you and the planet.


When should I start doing something?

Start today - tomorrow is always in the future, and life has a habit of getting in the way. Our journey on earth is finite and time is precious. So rather than spending time avoiding, justifying, or feeling gloomy, take positive, meaningful action and feel good about it.

We are here to help, but ultimately we need you to commit to doing something effective. No matter where you are at, commit to taking steps forward - be bold, say in your head right now...

'I'm going to take action for me and my planet in the best way that I can, starting here and now!'

Step by step, change the world.

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