New Climate Action Book!

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Help us make climate action easy for everyone.

How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but can start right now to improve the world!”  Anne Frank (from her short story, Give)*

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Terra Nova funder Rose Challies and writer Susan Wills have written a book! We’ve also hooked up with award-winning UK illustrator Fay Troote to provide the beautiful illustrations. But now we need your help!

One Year, One You, One Planet – 365 Actions for Positive Change  blends personal and planetary wellbeing, and helps us make the all-important and immediate shift our planet needs, to continue to be a thriving habitat for our kids, their kids and the ones after that.

We’re seeking funding support to finalise the design, editing, illustrations and proofing, then print the first copies.

We know there are other ‘climate action books’ out there. And many, many websites. So what makes this book different?
We discovered that none of them make it personal and easy. Climate change is just too big an issue for most of us to consider tackling. (Like a giant hamburger too big for your mouth.) And you’ve got other stuff going on – family, finances, personal obligations. You’re tired; you’re busy; it seems expensive and hard; you don’t want to seem like a crazy greenie looney. We get it.  Limited Edition Prints - 'Autumn'
Yet you also know the climate crisis will see extreme weather events increase, food and energy become more expensive, and climate action becomes climate reaction. Cue climate anxiety, and a whole new cycle of stress.

The good news is that research shows you don’t need to hook yourself up to an IV of sedatives to cope with this; instead, you can help manage anxiety by engaging in meaningful action as part of a community. Our year of actions will help you easily and quickly understand impactful behaviours and build new climate-friendly micro-habits and climate fitness, one day at a time, in line with a global community of others.

But we also need contributions over our Pledgeme target to do the initial print run and marketing of the book, both nationally within Aotearoa NZ and globally. Funding over and above our target will also allow us to print the book in a higher-quality format (although we’re aiming for a high-quality one anyway). We’ll also be linking back into the EcoFit! community to support readers who want to dive deeper into areas where they want to expand their knowledge.

Please don’t wait to join us as we embark upon this mission to live in harmony together upon a thriving earth. Pledge your support today – as little as $5 will still help, or you can even plump for one of one of our wonderful rewards.
Ecology and economy are inextricably linked.

This is a not-for-profit project. Any profits from this book will go to support the work of Terra Nova Foundation and the native forest regeneration entity Torokiki Aotearoa Ltd (Susan is a founder).

* Use of the Anne Frank quote used by kind permission ©ANNE FRANK FONDS, Basel, Switzerland