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Plan for the future of your business. Ensure resilience in times of extreme events and be Earth+ to ensure your business can thrive.

An Earth+ (earth positive) business makes products or services that ensure that people and the environment flourish from end to end and be the leaders in future markets.  It is different to mainstream sustainability and extractive approaches that can allow an organisation to largely continue as before, without challenging their full impact or making major and necessary shifts.

We offer three types of services:

1. Earth+ Business Audit (short audit of where your business is at in terms of environmental impact, readiness for extreme events, contributions to local environments, to achieve an overall Earth+ score).

2. Earth+ Business Plan (developed with you to prioritise the environmental areas most aligned with your values and your product/service, this plan will prepare you for resilience for future extreme events and provide a clear action plan to becoming Earth+, including product/service, staff contributions, stakeholder engagement)

3. Earth+ Accreditation (a values based, independently reviewed assessment of your Earth+ business that sets you apart from the greenwashers and recognises you as a leading business in your industry)

We especially want to hear from SMEs and have different levels of costs to ensure your budget can achieve an impact. We are driven by the change so we want to make sure this work is accessible to most businesses.

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