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Join the fun and make a difference for you + your planet!

Sometimes we need a little help to get us into good routines and practices everyday.  Our lives can be so busy that it feels impossible to do good at the same time.  This challenge helps people to identify ways to make a difference in a way that is fun and achievable.

The challenge is to set two mega goals – one eco and one fitness for 30 days.  Then each week participants can opt into a wide range of other eco and wellbeing activities to help them along.  The fitness activities align with the eco benefits e.g. walking in nature, yoga outside, walk+talk meetings.  Participants are encouraged to be creative and to come up with ingenious new ideas on how to reach their goals.

There is an annual membership fee of NZ$50 to be part of the EcoFit Challenge, to ensure we can cover our costs and in return all participants get access to:

  • An inspiring community
  • Support to set goals
  • A menu of actions
  • Online help to keep you motivated + achieve your mega goals!

The community helps motivate and inspire action, with resources to help find the best ways each individual can make changes day-to-day.

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Every month with 30 days kicks off another EcoFit Challenge

Join the fun, make a difference and feel great!  If you’d like to get involved in any way just send an email to [email protected] or click the button and fill out our form online.

If you’re not able for some reason to do the challenge yourself why not sponsor someone to do the challenge for you – you can be their motivating buddy 🙂

Together we can make a difference for us and our earth!

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