GŌ Waitaha

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Our planet needs urgent large-scale change but this kind of change does not happen by accident or good intentions alone. It requires aligned + coordinated action across sectors + industries.

GŌ Waitaha is a cross-sector + cross-industries transformation project, driven by a shared vision of the future for the region.

It is underpinned by a regenerative approach, where decision-making is environment-led and aligned to the overall intended impact. It moves from looking at how the region can be taken advantage of to how the region can thrive – people, business and the environment.  It shifts from extractive (take without thought) or sustainability at the edges (compensating or superficial changes) to a regenerative approach.  It puts the earth and water under our feet as the starting point and working with it, not as an after-thought or as something to control.

Working in conjunction with multiple stakeholders we are instigating industry round tables to identify key catalysts for change in the region, and how they can happen in a timely manner.

The project joins up an incredible range of action for biodiversity, climate change, sustainability, earth+ business, circular economy, smart cities, iwi and community action, and more across the region.  All aligned to the urgent change required.

“Ōtautahi Christchurch is a region that has been hit by devastating events, such as major collapse from earthquakes and the tragic loss of a community through a devastating shooting.  The events have brought people together and there is a strength and resilience that now sits as its foundation.  With impending climatic extremes and rapid loss of biodiversity the region is responding in a big way.  This initiative builds on an incredible collective of individuals, iwi and communities, businesses, and public agencies who are ready for action for our planet.”  Rose Challies, CEO Terra Nova Foundation

If you would like to be part of the Round Tables or you would like to get involved in some of the projects across Ōtautahi Christchurch and the wider region, please get in touch.


Can you help us build an HQ for Environmental Action? Are you a change-maker that would like to get involved?

What’s coming next?

We have the vision and key stakeholders across sectors engaged and up for action.  However, we need a home – a place where everyone can meet, coordinate, rally and drive action.  A place we can build momentum for change by individuals, groups and organisations across industries and communities; an Earth Base for transformative action. 

Can you support us with the securing of a space in central Ōtautahi Christchurch? It would be amazing if you could. Please contact us to discuss – this is such critical work and your contribution would be key to it’s success.

This initiative is breaking new ground, not just for environmental change but also for systemic change.  Its success will set a precedent and provide a shareable model globally.

We would also love to hear from people and organisations who would like to be involved with the action being taken.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Whether you’re in Ōtautahi Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand or countries further afield – we welcome you all.  Be part of the change.

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