Impact Workshops

Video: Scott Mouat, Elwin Productions (copyright)

These workshops are for organisations who want to show the full value of the work that they are carrying out. This means measuring well beyond the numbers - building the methods and tools that evidence the deep contributions that you make to people and place..

Measuring the difference made is critical for an organisation carrying out environmental work.  It is vital for decision-making, to communicate to stakeholders, and to be accountable to the people/environment in need.

In the workshops we help organisations to build an impact framework that is fit for purpose for their work and their stakeholders.  We help set out appropriate methods and indicators and identify how to get the evidence for the change you are making.  And we help with the best process to put in place in the organisation.

The benefits of taking these workshop are huge.  The organisation will be able to:

  • Clearly see what difference is being made and the areas needing improvement.
  • Easily communicate the value of its work to stakeholders, including funders, donors and partner organisations.
  • Be accountable to the people and environments in need i.e. true transparency.

We carry out workshops online and in person throughout the year helping people to set up impact frameworks and to measure the difference they are making.

Workshop Format

We have in-person, online and bespoke workshops.  The in-person workshops are held in Ōtautahi Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand.  The online workshops are held via video conference and open to all organisations worldwide that aim to make a difference for the environment.

The workshops last for 3.5hrs and include follow-up support to ensure you can implement actions back into your organisation.  The cost is NZ$150 per person.  We do offer a small number of gratuity places to support people who require it – just get in contact to secure your place.

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