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Want to change the world for the better?  Terra Nova Youth is the place to gain change-making skills and experience for 16 – 28yr olds. There is urgent action to take but we need it to be strategic, impactful and connected to our earth. For young people who want to take the action that counts and be part of the change, there’s no better place to realise ambitions. If you would like to participate or support Terra Nova Youth get in touch today!

What is Terra Nova Youth

We partner up with high schools, Universities and communities that have young people who want to change the world.  We provide mentorship, internships and volunteer opportunities across our portfolio of projects and help support the projects of the young people themselves through workshops.

The opportunities are all related to our work to put earth first and activate change.  We seek those young people who are interested in how to do systems change in reality, becoming an earth leader, or want to be part of a global community of change-makers.

For organisations and educational agencies who would like to support or connect with Terra Nova Youth, please get in touch and we can chat through the opportunities to become a partner.

To find out more email us today!

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