Earth Talks Podcast on Global Change

Earth Talks with Tim Jarvis

On this podcast we talk about global change with the renown explorer, environmentalist, author and film-maker Tim Jarvis.

Podcast Introduction

We are at a time of unprecedented global environmental change.  Much of the conversations around global changes is around carbon and the impact that this has made and will make in our futures.  However, just talking carbon doesn’t quite do the global context justice.

The impact of human behaviour, our interaction with this earth, has created massive imbalances on multiple scores.

Insatiable consumption in many nations is still being encouraged, pollution of our waters and our oceans is increasing (often with little consequence for those polluting), and we insist on continuing practices that take away vast amounts of our most precious biodiversity, creating huge imbalances on biospheric levels.

Such pictures are hard to palate and it seems challenging to even make a dent in them, let alone turn them around.

However, there are many people around the world doing just that.  Leading the way on awareness, not just of the issues but of the action to take and the role we can play to support it.


Interviewee Tim Jarvis

In the podcast we speak to Tim Jarvis, about his experiences of exploring the most extreme landscapes on this planet and what this can tell us about our earth.  And we ask him, what can we do to take action that is effective?

Tim has ground breaking documentary films, extraordinary books giving insight into his adventures around the world, and you may have heard about his expedition that recreated Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic 1916 crossing of the Southern Ocean using the same equipment, clothing and food as the original expedition party. He is also a Member of the Order of Australia for his service to conservation and the environment and has a project Forktree that is helping to restore land in Australia and activate change for our young people.

Links mentioned in Podcast:

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Instagram Tim Jarvis

Forktree Project

Documentaries & Films on YouTube

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