Te Ao Earth Podcast Now Available!

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The Te Ao Earth Speaker Series is now available as a podcast on Plains FM96.9, Spotify and Apple!

Big thanks to Laura and the Plains FM team for making this collaboration possible and to our sponsors for the event Nutrient Rescue.

Get the podcast here.

Hear top environmental and industry change-makers speak on:

1. Our connection with the earth with Te Ao Earth & Us (Anake Goodall 🕉, Mananui Ramsden, vicki buck and Siobhán O’Connor)

2. How to get change from the ground up on Large-scale Environmental Change (Amy Carter, Hayley Guglietta and Rose Challies)

3. The role tech, data and XR can play in environmental change on Digital Earth (Ben Reid, Dorenda Britten Ltd., Michael Healy and Kurt Janssen)

4. How we can take action through our resources with The Impact of Money + Investment (Shamubeel Eaqub, Barry Coates, Anake Goodall 🕉 and Claire Newman)

5. Get insight into what it means to be an Earth-Aligned Business (Tim Loftus, Grant Ryan, Andrew Simcock, Ed Lyons and Amy Carter)

6. What artists and photographers can do to be mindful and raise awareness through their work on Art, Design and Planet (Crystal Brindle and Anneke Stewart)

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