Earth Talks with Cheryl Doig

Cheryl Doig speaking at Terra Nova's Te Ao Earth Week 2023

On this podcast we talk with Cheryl Doig, a professional futurist and advocate of social and environmental change.

Podcast Introduction

In this episode we speak with Cheryl Doig, a futurist, about what the future holds for our earth.

Want a crystal ball to predict the future? Cheryl Doig has one. Well not a real one, but as a professional futurist and advocate of ethical and sustainable change, she does provide a lens that helps puts leaders in an optimal state of mind in preparation for an uncertain future.

In this talk, she challenges us to consider how we keep all time – past, present and future – in mind as we evaluate and assess decision making. She asks questions that prompt us to think about our level of hopeĀ  about the future and to develop a behaviour mindset that enable transformational thinking.

Have a watch to walk away with a new viewpoint on the future.

Interviewee Cheryl Doig

In the podcast we speak to Cheryl Doig, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Futurist and foresight practitioner committed to exploring trends and opportunities and applying them to a local context. Focused on using the future now and supporting others on their futures journey in f2f and digital spaces. A background in governance of not-for profit boards and leadership provides unique expertise across industries. Known by her colleagues as the #futuresaunty who encourages others to #acceptthenudge.

Specialties: futures thinking and foresight; futures literacy; learning ecosystems; challenging inertia; organisational change and complexity.


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