Earth Talks with Karim Sabet, Orbviz

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We connected with OrbViz, an Ōtautahi Christchurch business with global reach, that tackles this problem. They are helping governments, companies, and non-profits bring reporting to life in a dynamic way that enables more people to be engaged in reporting and decision making.

Podcast Introduction

Why is how you report on ESG, sustainability and your positive impact on Mother Earth important?

When an organisation commits and contributes to a community and/or the environment it is important that we can tell whether it is just all smoke and mirrors or the real thing. Unfortunately, too often those doing amazing work don’t communicate it well with long reports and the more jazzed up greenwashing superficiality takes over. There are now great tools out there that enable engagement and depth of reporting – it is important we use them so that our contribution, our impact, is seen and inspiring for others. Our Earth needs everyone to make an impactful contribution!

How can an organisation take something that’s hard to understand and make it something more people actually want to engage with?

Check out this entertaining video in which Karim CoFounder of Orbviz shares a dirty little secret about his not-so-eco-friendly past, enlightens us to the attention span of humans vs goldfish, and gives a walkthrough of how Orbviz works and ensures that impactful work has impactful reporting!

Innovative digital tools helping to make a difference in the world from Aotearoa New Zealand.

Interviewee Karim Sabet, Orbviz

In the podcast we speak to Karim Sabet, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Co-Founder @ OrbViz | Chair, Africa New Zealand Business Chamber (ANZBC)

With nearly two decades spent in sales, marketing, and business development across different industries and continents, Karim has become a real enthusiast for dreaming up and rolling out clever solutions tailored to all kinds of clients’ needs. As one of the co-founders behind OrbViz, his big goal is to turn numbers and stats into engaging stories that spark meaningful conversations and lead to smarter choices, whether that’s for governments, businesses, or non-profits.


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