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Earth Talks with Amy Carter Intro

On this podcast we talk about the land beneath our feet.  It’s so important when talking about environments that we start with where we live and breathe, recognising the part of the earth that talks to us most closely.

This episode was recorded in the studios of the PlainsFM radio station in Ōtautahi Christchurch, the second biggest city in Aotearoa New Zealand.  It is home to extraordinary wildlife and a wide range of ecosystems, including wetlands, lakes and estuaries, coastal forests and marine sanctuaries.

Central Ōtautahi Christchurch is built upon a network of wetlands, waterways and springs that were formed by the actions of the local river, the Waimakariri and a network of underground aquifers.

Ngāi Tūāhuriri is the local hapū – the Māori tribe – that holds mana whenua (that’s the traditional rights and responsibilities) over the city centre.

It has historically been an abundant area for food with flourishing wildlife.

Today the wetland city has just under 400,000 people.  It is a hub for the region and a gateway to Antarctica.  More and more people are moving to the city to benefit from the opportunities and the access to the wonderful outdoors.


However, like most places in the world, the city’s wildlife is at risk and the fragile ecosystems are increasingly threatened.  We have seen earthquakes, floods, fires and droughts, pollution and urban expansion among other very dynamic changes.

The land and water underneath our feet here today is our life source and there is much to be done to ensure we protect it and turn it around so that it thrives once again.

In this episode we speak to Amy Carter, CEO of the Christchurch Foundation. She is a woman who has played crucial roles in the city, who leads a world class philanthropic organisation and who is a critical part to the recovery and restoration of the city’s ecosystems.  She talks to her home in the city and how philanthropy can play a key role in helping Mother Earth.

Links mentioned in Podcast:

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