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On this podcast we talk about carbon measurement and its contribution to changes in behaviour with Josh Dry from award winning carbon management company CoGo.

Podcast Introduction

Twenty years ago it was unusual to hear anyone talking about counting carbon. It was a major issue in the global scientist events I attended and in large business exec rooms, but it certainly wasn’t talked about down at the pub or across the dinner table.  Now it’s a different story.

Carbon is in the news daily. It is the topic of most business exec rooms and is a common topic in classrooms and our homes.  But have we got distracted by all of this carbon talk?  Are we focussing on the numbers at the detriment of the bigger issue?

If we reduce carbon, do we solve the majority of problems for this planet?  Are we simply tackling the thing we can do easily and avoiding the actions that really impact on our daily lives?  Are we self green-washing out of convenience?

Typical areas for reducing carbon include energy use, car use, flying and food – particularly meat consumption.  Why is that?  I’ve get asked regularly, what is the point of me reducing my carbon footprint, the amount I consume, if big business – the biggest consumers are not doing anything?


Interviewee Josh Dry

Josh Dry is the Business Development Director, Asia-Pacific for CoGo.  CoGo is the leader in carbon counting as a means to shift our behaviour.  Winning awards across the globe for its carbon tools over the last 14 years – with charitable beginnings it is now the ‘go to’ for banks in multiple countries worldwide.

Josh is passionate about creating positive change and fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence within Cogo and the wider community.

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