Earth Talks with Anake Goodall

Anake Goodall speaking at Terra Nova's Te Ao Earth Week 2023

In this talk, Dr. Anake Goodall bravely voices his discomfort, tension, and the destabilising feelings that we all sense, and perhaps don’t talk enough about, when it comes to living a time of climate change.

Podcast Introduction

A long-time investor in the green economy of New Zealand who has held various executive roles and advisory to government and iwi, Anake’s wisdom around the barriers and opportunities to change runs deep.

He speaks here to the current level of cynicism and backward thinking in politics that hinders us from real progress and pits people against one another. And he asks us to lean into the fact that the future will require us to face difficulty and have difficult conversations.

Listen into how Anake guides us to have these conversations and lean into difficult situations as part of the new frontier of finding our way towards solutions.

Interviewee Anake Goodall

In the podcast we speak to Anake Goodall, based in Canterbury, New Zealand.


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