Earth Talks with James Laughlin

James Laughlin speaking at Terra Nova's Te Ao Earth Week 2023

On this podcast we talk carbon counting and changing human behaviour with James Laughlin.

Podcast Introduction

Are you a “possibilitairian” or a “miniscularian”?

That’s the question that high performance leadership coach James Laughlin posed to a room full of business leaders at the Te Ao Earth Week Summit, acknowledging the necessity of creative and innovative leadership in order to find solutions in a world of climate change.

Have a watch or listen to this short video, in which James will guide you to have a possiblitiarian perspective, rather than a dooms-day perspective, around living in this era of climate change.

Interviewee James Laughlin

In the podcast we speak to James Laughlin, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

James Laughlin stands at the forefront of High Performance Leadership and Personal Mastery, earning global recognition as a pioneering strategist in the field. As a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, James captivates and inspires diverse audiences worldwide with his compelling insights and transformative messages. His extensive experience spans working with elite performers and leading organizations, including professional athletes, influential CEOs, and multinational corporations, empowering them to lead with unwavering conviction and achieve remarkable success.


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