Earth Talks with Jerome Partington

Jerome Partington speaking at Terra Nova's Te Ao Earth Week 2023

On this podcast we talk with Jerome Partington about his regenerative approach to seeing ourselves, our businesses and our communities as whole living systems.

Podcast Introduction

Jerome Partington, a Regenerative Development Practitioner, and Associate Principal and Sustainability Manager at Jasmax, empowers us to evolve how we think about climate change and our relationship with the environment around us. What if we looked beyond problem solving and aimed higher than settling for just sustainable solutions or outcomes?

Jerome introduces a regenerative approach where he encourages us to be pulled towards the inherent potential within any situation. If we see our businesses, communities, and ourselves as whole living systems within a larger living system we can focus on growing the potential within them. We can honour the participants in each system, their roles and their interactions.

Interviewee Jerome Partington

In the podcast we speak to Jerome Partington, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Green, Sustainable and Regenerative Development Practitioner – a change agent for sustainable and systems impact in the NZ design and construction sector. An excellent communicator, educator and coach with a vision for the future I have motivated 1000’s of people to engage in this space. I leverage the roles to work with complex systems, diverse stakeholders and global challenges to create sustainable and high performance project outcomes. I aim to enable business to develop and see greater potential in their offering, through a whole systems approach. As a skilled professional I work strategically to achieve transformations in our industry.

After mastering the Living Building Challenge with Ngai Tuhoe, Regenerative Practitioner Training in 2016 and the engaging ‘Leadership NZ’ Program November 2014, I enjoy being agile and applying these principles and frameworks across sectors. The stimulation and challenges of growing leadership practice across an industry is rewarding. I have a deep understanding of the key market challenges facing NZ and globally, with a track record of meeting them with innovation, success and long term value for people, communities and nature.


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