Te Ao Earth Week

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We're holding an exhibition and speaker series in September 2022, to celebrate the southern hemisphere spring equinox and drive action for environmental change.  We'd love to see you there in person or online.

What’s on?

Our exhibition and speaker events will be held in the Pūnamawa Art Gallery in the Arts Centre, Ōtautahi Christchurch.

The exhibition is free, and will showcase the incredible photographs of Aotearoa’s award-winning wildlife photographers, bringing to life some of the key environmental issues facing our country and the wider world.

For our inspiring speaker series, we have top international experts joining us, who will dive into the root causes and realities of our key challenges, and clearly set out what action we need to take to achieve change. Look out for some contrasting views and debate points and join the task force for each of the subject areas – this will be far more than just a talk-fest! The small fee to attend each speaker event will directly go to cover costs and support our impactful change projects. Everyone wins!

It will be an amazing week and we can’t wait for you to be involved.

Schedule + Registration

Te Ao Earth Week Exhibition

Free entry  > Pūnamawa Gallery, The Arts Centre, Ōtautahi Christchurch.
Open daily 19th-23rd Sept from 9am-4pm, Sat 24th Sept 9am-2pm.
Click Here for full details.

Te Ao Earth Week Speaker Series

$20 in person (strictly limited numbers), $5 online  > Pūnamawa Gallery, The Arts Centre, Ōtautahi Christchurch.

1. Te Ao Earth and Us

Monday 19th Sept, 4-6pm Register Here
How can we live in alignment with this planet? What’s the role of rangatangi/young people? What is the role of kaumātua/elders? What does it mean to reconnect? We look at what it really means to live in alignment with earth, and the need for urgent action.

2. Large-Scale Environmental Change – Greater Ōtautahi Christchurch

Tuesday 20th Sept, 4-6pm Register Here
How do you achieve large-scale change? What are the implications for public, private and non-profit sectors and iwi? We investigate the changes afoot in Greater Ōtautahi Christchurch and how to get rapid large-scale change – for a future to look forward to.

3. Digital Earth

Wednesday 21st Sept, 4-6pm Register Here
What role can data and digital tools play in environmental change?  Can the value of tech outweigh its cost to our planet?  We interrogate the benefits and challenges of an increasingly tech world and how, if at all, it can help environmental action.

4. The Impact of Money + Investment

Thursday 22nd Sept, 4-6pm Register Here
How dirty is your money? What does ‘impact’ mean and what can we really expect when we invest?  Diving into the world of finance and the popularity of impact investment, we ask where can we place our money to ensure our planet’s future.

5. Earth-Aligned Businesses

Friday 23rd Sept, 4-6pm Register Here
What action must a business take to ensure it is truly aligned with the planet? How does a business cut through the murky claims of greenwashing? We examine what an earth business really is and what the most meaningful first steps are.

6. Art, Design + Planet

Saturday 24th Sept, 2-4pm Register Here
What can artists and creatives do to make a real difference for the planet? Can art play a role, as it has in other major turning points of this planet? We look at how art and artists can be activists through their media and best contribute to the change we need for our planet.

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