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Welcome to the Podcast that inspires action

Terra Nova Earth Talks – the Podcast is now live and broadcasting on PlainsFM and available on Spotify, Apple and PlainsFM.

We at Terra Nova are bringing you experts from here in Aotearoa NZ to destinations around the world to investigate the action we need to take if we are really going to put earth first so we can thrive.

We talk about how businesses in different industries can make a real difference, we talk about how individuals and communities can ignite change, and we bring examples of activists that are making a big impact through really smart action.

Our podcasts are broadcast live each Tuesday at 4pm (NZT) on Plains FM96.9 (listen live via their website or if you’re in Aotearoa turn the radio on to 96.9FM.

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Terra Nova Earth Talks – PlainsFM

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Podcast: Introduction to Earth Talks

Interview with Laura Gartner, PlainsFM, speaking to how Terra Nova Earth Talks came about.

Podcast:  Environment, Place and Philanthropy

Interview with Amy Carter, CEO of Christchurch Foundation, who is driving environmental change through philanthropy and place in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Podcast: Global Change with World Explorer Tim Jarvis

Interview with Tim Jarvis, the extraordinary British-Australian explorer, international environmentalist, author and documentary filmmaker, on global changes and what action we can take.

Now available at:

Plains FM96.9:

See Article on Podcast here.

Podcast: Digital Earth with Jannat Maqbool

Interview with Jannat Maqbool, international leader in the digital space with directorships spanning multiple countries, including international tech companies, universities, government agencies and not-for-profits.  She talks about why the digital space is so important to global environment efforts.

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Podcast: SMEs + Environment with Hannah Duder

Interview with Hannah Duder, ethical entrepreneur and philanthropy + business advisor. She speaks to the action that small and medium enterprises can take to help address climate change and help our local ecosystems thrive.

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Podcast: AI, Ethics + Earth with Matthew James Bailey

Interview with Matthew James Bailey, international expert, author and speaker on Ethical AI.  Compelling interview on AI and ethics, and what it means for our earth.  From the spiritual to the machine and everything inbetween.

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